Change the world by investing in growing startups

About us

Create new value with venture enterprises


We invest in rapidly growing venture enterprises with trust and experience.

For over 20 years, we have been investing in various industries and maintained a stable performance of the investment.

We are raising investment value by supporting the network to expand business
from investing in early-stage startups to growing scale-up companies.


G.N.Tech Venture Capital is a
VC creating new values with
venture enterprises

01Since 2000


Founded in 2000, we have grown together with
our investment companies.

02For 24 Years

Investment Period

We provide extensive expertise and
knowledge based on our
24-year investment history.

03418 billion won


We have grown based on the experience of managing accumulated operating funds worth around KRW 418 billion.

0413 Established funds

Number of funds

More than 13 created funds enable G.N Tech Venture Capital to become a reliable company.

05250 Portfolios

Number of portfolios

We have secured rich expertise based on more than 250 portfolios.

Since 2000


G.N.Tech Venture Capital
creates new value with
trust and experience

  1. 2020
    1. 2024

      Created G.N.Tech NO.2 Master Secondary Fund

      Created G.N.Tech Smart City Regional Innovation Fund

      Kang Jun Kyu the Co-CEO was inaugurated

      Created G.N.Tech NO.1 Project Fund

    2. 2022

      Created Shinhan-G.N.Tech Smart Innovation Fund

    3. 2020

      Liquidated G.N.Tech No.1 Lodestone Private Equity Fund

  2. 2010
    1. 2019

      Liquidated IBKC-G.N.Tech Secondary Fund

    2. 2018

      Surpassed KRW 300 billion($ 226 million) in AUM

      Created G.N.Tech BIG-JUMP Fund

      Created G.N.Tech No.1 Lodestone Private Equity Fund

    3. 2017

      Surpassed KRW 200 billion($ 150 million) in AUM

      Created G.N.Tech No.3 Venture Fund

      Liquidated G.N.Tech No.2 Venture Fund

    4. 2016

      Surpassed KRW 100 billion($ 75 million) in AUM

      Created A&F Future Growth Fund

      Created G.N.TECH Master Secondary Fund

    5. 2015

      Created Gyeongnam-G.N.Tech Creative Economy, Innovative Fund

    6. 2013

      ICreated IBKC-G.N.Tech Secondary Fund

    7. 2012

      Hong Chung Hee the CEO was inaugurated

      KOOKSOONDANG BREWERY CO. LTD took over G.N.Tech Venture Capital

    8. 2011

      Created G.N.Tech No.2 Venture Fund

    9. 2010

      Liquidated G.N.Tech No.1 Venture Fund

  3. 2000
    1. 2006

      Created G.N.Tech No.1 Venture Fund

    2. 2005

      Moved headquarters to Samseong-dong

    3. 2000

      Established G.N.Tech Venture Capital


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